Employment has traditionally been the most requested service by young people on arrival. PARC offers programs that support young people in their job search at various stages of development and skill level. Some of the services that we offer include and are not limited to:

  • Pre employment support
  • Resume and Cover Letter preparation
  • Networking skills
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Career coaching



PARC offers opportunities for young people to receive support in educational and post secondary planning, scholarships and bursaries, tutoring and applying for OSAP.

Pinball Clemons Foundation-The Ambassador school program also offers an opportunity for young people to obtain theiir high school credits. Please see the Ambassador school section for more information.


PARC also has agreements with some supportive housing providers who offer single dwelling units to PARC. Young people must be involved with PARC to be eligible. The housing provider assumes the management and PARC offers supports to the tenant. Please see the Housing section for more information.

Youth in Transition Program

The Youth in Transition Worker Program aims to support youth leaving care in their transition from the child welfare sector to adulthood. The Youth in Transition Workers (YITW) work with youth to connect them with educational, employment, housing, life skills, mental health, legal and other supports in their communities, and help them to navigate the transition from care to adulthood. Referrals are usually made through PARC.

For more information on the Youth in Transition Program, please contact Deanna Lewis at (416) 462-1010 OR at delewis@torontocas.ca

Element Fleet Management Youth Capital Program

The goal of the Element Youth Capital Program is to help vulnerable young people transitioning out of foster care to complete their educational goals, become financially empowered, and build skills and experience in employment preparation and entrepreneurship.  Delivered in partnership with selected community partners, the program consists of 5 components:

For more information on the Element program, please contact Asifa Malk at (416) 803-1851 or at asmalik@torontocas.ca

For more information on the Children's Aid Foundation and Programs, please visit www.cafdn.org