Young people are invited and encouraged to become involved in a number of groups that will support them in their transition to independence and adulthood. These groups offer an opportunity to develop life skills, learn and receive mentorship from staff and youth leaders.

The groups are offered to youth 18-29 years old, with the exception of the YOLO group which is intended for youth 16-18years old.

Groups run weekday evenings throughout the school year. Groups will be facilitated by a staff, volunteer, and youth facilitator. Group participants are encouraged to participate in planning the groups. They discuss what they would like to see in the group, the guest speakers that should attend and what projects to undertake.

An important part of the each group is the meal planning and dinner. Dinner is served before every group and tokens will be provided as needed. While the weekday groups are a main part of the PARC programs, we do offer other activities including camping, cultural events and educational opportunities.

MONDAY: Entrepreneurship Group

The Entrepreneurship group is for young people interested or thinking about starting their own business. In this group, youth will develop skills and gain the information and knowledge required to take steps in launching their own business. This group is co facilitated by a volunteer who has entrepreneurship experience and knowledge of business planning and implementation.

MONDAY: Transitions Group

Transitions are a practical group for youth who are in the transitional stages of their “in-care” experience. The group focuses on youth who have just recently moved out on their own, are planning to move on their own soon, or youth who are about to leave care.

TUESDAY: YOLO Group “Youth Organizing Life Outside (of care)”

The goal of this group is for young people to gain skills towards being independent.  The group focuses on developing social skills and life skills. The second half of the year will be focused on Financial Literacy.  Focus will be on budgeting, applying for scholarships, money management and OSAP. There will be opportunities for youth to meet with employment counsellors, gain pre-employment skills and connect with community resources.


A PARC staff member, a volunteer, and two youth leaders facilitate the Art group. Members of this group enjoy a dinner together and then participate in some form of multimedia art. This is an open group accepting new members on going. Youth have the opportunity to participate in various art related activities in a non-competitive atmosphere and have been able to sell their art work. 

THURSDAY: Financial Literacy Group

This 15 week group provides a learning journey for youth in care by providing an inclusive environment for participants to establish basic money management and pre-employment skills. Youth who participate in our fall session may be eligible to participate in our matched savings program. This component requires youth to save money each month ($10-100) over three months and these savings will be matched 3:1 up to a maximum of $900!

For information on PARC groups, please contact us at (416) 462-1010